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This is a resource page for Meds Via Canada agents. You can find tips here that will assist you in presenting the savings correctly to your (potential) customers, helping you explain tough issues (such as Medicare), and creating a marketing strategy to maximize your commissions while saving money for your (potential) customers.


Agent Tips: Newest to Oldest
  2008-01-07: Now ONLINE: Commission Reports; Agent Resources; More...
  2007-06-04: Contest Update; Marketing Oportunity; Importation News
  2007-02-20: MVC Update; Agent Thank-You Contest; Customer Referral
  2006-08-03: Senate OK Import Plan;
  2006-06-01: NEW MAILING ADDRESS; Custom Websites
  2006-04-03: Fax/Email/Spam; Pill Containers;
  2006-03-02: Branded Debit Card; Medicare Drug Prices Rise!
  2006-01-23: New Agents; Medicare Impact; Your Own Website
  2005-12-08: Medicare Story; Christmas Cheer!
  2005-11-29: Christmas; Forty-Eight States!
  2005-11-21: Business Reply Envelopes are now available!
  2005-11-10: New Medicare Pages on Website

Want to use your own webpage to generate traffic (and commissions)? Talk to us about the many options that we offer to help increase your sales. We can provide any or all of the following options:

  • You can put some HTML code on your page that points customers to the Meds Via Canada website, but includes information so that the sale is still attributed to you

  • You can use one of your own domains, and use a "re-skinned" Meds Via Canada website, complete with current (weekly) drug prices.

  • We can host your website, and ensure that the drug prices are always current.

  • We provide the current active DRUG FILE, with prices, which you can easily integrate into your existing (or future) web pages.

Use the MVC Logos page to begin your selection, or calus at 1-866-633-7842.

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