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 Print and fill out this Customer Info & Consent Form   before your first order       SITE MAP 


Checklist for Ordering Prescriptions

WE REQUIRE that you have regular physical examinations by a U.S. Licensed physician including one within the last 12 months, and that the physician ensures that you have no medical problems which might constitute a contraindication to your taking the medications being prescribed for you. You must also advise us of any changes in your medical conditions as they occur in order to ensure the continuing appropriateness of your therapy.

WE ALSO REQUIRE you to have been taking any medications being ordered from us for a minimum of 30 days before ordering to ensure the compatibility of that medication with your condition, lifestyle, or other medications you are taking at the same time. We will nevertheless advise you of any problems we may identify for follow up by your attending physician.

TO ORDER your medications from us you must:

  1. Read, understand, and sign (in front of a witness) our
    Customer Info and Consent Form.
    [Get Adobe Reader here ]

  2. Call us at 1-866-MEDSVIA (866-633-7842) to get a firm quote for your order.

  3. Visit your doctor and get a new prescription for a 3 month supply of your medications with 3 repeats (to cover an entire year).

  4. Mail the form and the original prescriptions from your doctor to:

    318 Keewatin Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario M4P 2A5

  5. If this is your first order, you should allow up to 21 days from your mailing date until you receive your medications. If you have ordered from us before, repeats are processed much faster.

We accept

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 Fosamax   Plavix 
 Lipitor   Actonel 
 Premarin   Celebrex 
 Evista   Nexium 
 Zoloft   Zocor 
 Lopresor   Synthroid 

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 Print and fill out this Customer Info & Consent Form   before your first order       Medicare Info 

  Mailing Address:  MEDS VIA CANADA  318 Keewatin Ave,  Toronto, Ontario  M4P 2A5  CANADA  

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