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 Print and fill out this Customer Info & Consent Form   before your first order       SITE MAP 


This page contains point-form answers to questions and operational issues.




  • Customers can save up to 80% on certain medications by ordering from MVC
  • Maximum 90-day supply per order (as per FDA rules)
  • Two orders can be linked and shipped together; only one shipping fee
  • Original prescriptions from U.S. Doctors are required to fill orders
  • CDN pharmacies use CanadaPost/USPS; signature required; 3-5 days
  • U.S. pharmacies ship by FedEx; signature required, 3-5 day delivery
  • Initial orders will take 15-20 days to ship; refills take 7-10 days
  • CDN Pharmacies require a CDN Doctor's approval on a U.S. Prescription
  • MVC gets a CDN doctor to co-sign the prescription at no additional cost
  • CDN Shipping is $15.00 per package; TWO orders can be shipped together
  • USA Shipping is $4.95 per package; TWO orders can be shipped together
  • Best Deal: order a 3-month supply with 3 repeats to cover the entire year
  • Prescriptions are only good for ONE YEAR from the date they are written
  • Drugs are shipped in original manufacturer packaging with lot# and expiry
  • Ninety Percent (90%) of all Lipitor in the world is made in Ireland!
  • Narcotics cannot be shipped across the border
  • Drugs that require special handling (eg. refrigeration) cannot be shipped
  • Best deals are on Canadian Generic drugs
  • CDN Generic Drugs are made to the same high standards as U.S. Generics
  • Health Canada uses standards similar to the FDA
  • Customers only have to fill out and sign one single 3-page form
  • We adhere to all HIPAA and PIPEDA privacy standards.
  • Customers require a physical examination at least once per year
  • Customers must have been taking their medicaltions for at least 30 days.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card.
  • Some CDN medicines look slightly different than their U.S. versions
  • Our prices fluctuation weekly due to the floating exchange rates
  • All prices on our website are in U.S. dollars
  • There are no sales taxes or professional fees.
  • Customers can reach our international pharmacist at 1-866-633-7842
  • We call all customers to remind them when repeats are due.
  • We are open from 9:00AM to 6:00PM Monday to Friday (Eastern)
  • Even with Medicare Part D, there are still reasons to order from Canada
  • Insurance plans and HMOs MAY cover prescriptions purchased from Canada
  • MVC uses a network of pharmacies, to ensure prompt shipment of orders
  • MVC is *NOT* an "Internet Pharmacy"; MVC is an "International Pharmacy"
  • Customer orders can be tracked online; ask us for exact details
  • Prices on the MVC website are updated weekly, during the weekend

  • Please call if you still have other questions: 1-866-MEDSVIA (1-866-633-7842)
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     Print and fill out this Customer Info & Consent Form   before your first order       Medicare Info 

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