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Recent news items including articles related to our industry are listed here. These listings are updated regularly, so check here often to find out the latest information. If you wish to submit an article for our consideration, please use the CONTACT page, and include the URL in your submission.

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There are 16 news items

 Senate OKs Import Prescription Drug Plan
2006-07-11   Lara Jakes Jordan, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate opened the way Tuesday to let Americans import prescription drugs into the United States from Canada ...
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 Medicare Part D: Canadian Pharmacies Offer Lower Prices
for Prescription Drugs
2005-03-14   Lady Jade
American pharmacists across the country are outraged with the new changes associated with the addition of Medicare's new Part D and so are Americans that need prescription drugs. The havoc caused by the new changes is even being compared to the devastation that hurricane Katrina left behind in the southern Gulf States because everyone knew it was coming, yet no preparations were made and now the consequences are heavy.
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 Reports: Drug Prices Rise under Medicare Plan
2006-02-21   Reuters / Susan Heavey
WASHINGTON, Feb 21 2006 (Reuters) - Prices for some of the most popular medicines used by seniors have jumped an average of 4 percent under the new Medicare drug benefit since it began last month, according to a report released on Tuesday [Feb 21, 2006].
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 US elderly hesitate over Medicare drug plan--study
2005-11-10   Reuters
WASHINGTON, Nov 10 (Reuters) - Most older Americans do not understand Medicare's new prescription drug benefit and only one in five of them intend to sign up for the plan, according to survey results released on Thursday, less than a week before the start of
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 Texas allows purchase of Canadian prescription drugs
AUSTIN (AP) - Texans could buy cheaper prescription drugs from Canada under a bill tentatively approved in the state House of Representatives on Sunday.
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 Senate committee approves Canadian-drug plan
2005-05-21   Geoff Dornan
The Senate Commerce and Labor Committee Friday voted 6-1 to recommend passage of the bill helping Nevadans find and purchase safe Canadian pharmaceuticals.
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 "If They're Safe, They're Coming"
2004-12-22   Christy Harvey, Judd Legum and Jonathan Baskin
Christmas came early this year for the pharmaceutical industry. A Bush administration task force took the drug industry's talking points opposing drug re-importation and gift wrapped them in a 130-page report released yesterday. Instead of making substantive recommendations about how to provide Americans access to cheaper prescription drugs, the report exaggerates the costs and complexity of importation.
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 AMA may back importing drugs
2004-12-07   Bruce Japsen
ATLANTA - The American Medical Association is weighing support of importing prescription drugs from outside the United States as the nation's physicians address pleas from patients over the high cost of medicines.
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 Paying the Price: The High Cost of Prescription Drugs for Uninsured Americans
2004-12-07   Lindsey Johnson
Millions of uninsured and underinsured Americans struggle to afford the medicines they need, even forgoing medically necessary drugs when prices are out of reach. When discussing the high cost of prescription drugs, politicians often focus on the financial burden carried by senior citizens. Unfortunately, high prescription drug prices are a problem for Americans of all ages, not just the elderly. (full PDF Here)
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 The Debate Over Drug Importation:
 PRO: Why 'buying Canadian' won't kill industry
2004-06-10   John Burton
ATLANTA - The American Medical Association is weighing support of importing prescription drugs from outside the United States as the nation's physicians address pleas from patients over the high cost of medicines.
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 Prescription Drugs - The Rush to Buy Canadian
2004-05-01   Patricia Barry/AARP
To many political observers, the writing on the wall suddenly became much clearer when a conservative Republican senator, Trent Lott of Mississippi, announced he would stop voting against allowing Americans to buy lower-cost prescription drugs from abroad
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 Bipartisan senate team unveils drug import bill
2004-04-21   Joanne Kenen
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Leading U.S. senators on Wednesday unveiled a bipartisan bill that would let Americans import cheaper U.S.-approved prescription drugs from abroad. Individuals would be able to purchase 90-day supplies of medicines for personal use from qualified Canadian pharmacies. Larger commercial shipments to wholesalers or pharmacies would be limited to Canada for the first year and then expand to approved industrialized nations, including ...
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 States' Governors, FDA Face off Over Drug Imports
2004-02-24   Julie Rovner
WASHINGTON (Reuters Health) Feb 24 - The war of words between the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the nation's governors over whether to allow Americans to buy cheaper prescription drugs from other countries escalated Tuesday. The regulatory agency urged one state to shut down a website to facilitate the purchase of drugs from Canada, while another state vowed to go ahead with its own Canadian drug buying plan.
[... story...]

 Why We Pay So Much For Drugs: How the Clamor for Cheap Canadian Imports is heating up the 2004 campaign and giving Washington a headache
Helen Clark of Kennebunk, Maine, is a smuggler of sorts. At 77, the retired registered nurse doesn't look the part. She still does volunteer work administering flu shots, cutting toenails and organizing blood drives—at the Southern Maine Medical Center, where she worked for more than four decades, first in the maternity ward and later in the operating room. Clark is a model of frugality as well. She and her husband Dorrance raised 10 children on modest salaries. When he developed lung cancer in 1991, she stopped working to care for him until he died. She has lived in the same house since she was...
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 Blame Canada
 New Hampshire will defy the FDA and buy drugs on the Net
2003-12-22   Sanjay Gupta
You should pay attention to New Hampshire over the next few weeks and not just because there's a presidential primary coming up. The Republican Governor there has just brought the whole low-cost Canadian drug issue to a head by announcing that his state is going to start buying cut-rate prescription drugs for prison inmates and Medicare patients from Canadian Internet companies, perhaps as early as this week. A lot of Americans get their drugs this way, and some U.S. mayors ...
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 States hear pitch for cheaper prescription drugs from Canadian companies.
2003-12-11   Mark Niesse
About a dozen states are exploring ways to buy cheap prescription drugs from Canada and make them widely available to Americans, even though importing the medicines is illegal
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