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Business Partner: AGENT

There are three forms to download if you wish to become an agent. Please download and read them, and then return the "Agent Return Form" to us by fax or email.
1. Agent Return Form
2. Agent Letter
3. Customer Brochure

Meds Via Canada also provides commissions for seniors residences, bulk pricing for seniors groups, and special arrangements for benefit providers (eg. large corporations, cities, states, etc). For more information, please contact our offices directly, at 1-866-MEDSVIA (1-866-633-7842).

AGENT CRITERIA: The agent designation entitles the individual (or company) to ongoing commissions on prescriptions, including repeats. To earn this designation, the individual (or company) must fulfill the following minimum criteria:

  • The agent must have a suitably large potential client base (including walk-in traffic), and be able to meet certain minimium referral requirements as may be set from time to time.

  • The agent must be able to commit a reasonable amount of time towards building their referral base.

  • The agent must keep a current price list on hand, to be able to provide prices to potential clients. This list is available on-line and a hard copy will be provided by Meds Via Canada from time to time.

  • The agent must keep a supply of the Customer Info and Consent Form ("CICF") on hand for potential clients. These forms are available with pre-printed agent code through Meds Via Canada or for download from the main web site.

  • The agent must have Internet access, to be able to download new price lists and forms, and a valid email address to be able to request prices for other (non-listed) prescription medications, and for other types of communications from head office.

  • The agent must be able to provide assistance to the client in filling out the forms when requested by the client. Meds Via Canada will provide software to allow the agent to properly track sales.

  • The agent must be able to transmit the forms to our head office by fax to expedite the ordering process with a follow-up mailing of the originals on a timely basis.


  • The agent will earn ongoing commissions. For details on the commission structure, please contact us at 1-886-MEDSVIA (1-866-633-7843).
  • The agent will be able to login to the MVC online database system, and track their own commissions with their own unique login and password. The online system will allow them to enter orders as quotes, place the orders, and track the orders through the system. Additionally, the system provides a quick link which shows tracking information on the shipped prescriptions.
  • MVC can provide brochures, marketing materials, and postage-paid return envelopes for your customers, with your agent number pre-printed on them to ensure your commissions are tracked properly.
  • MVC provides weekly price lists in spreadsheet (CSV) format, which can be retrieved directly from within the MVC-DB software, downloaded via a browser, or emailed directly. Weekly currency exchange rates can also be emailed (if requested).
  • MVC can provide assistance in creating your website, including maintaining current, accurate drug lists and prices.
  • MVC always has a pharmacist ready to take your call, in case there are questions about medications, drug interactions, or any other pharmaceutical issues.

For more information about becoming a Meds Via Canada partner, please contact our offices directly, at 1-866-MEDSVIA (1-866-633-7842).

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 Print and fill out this Customer Info & Consent Form   before your first order       Medicare Info 

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